Kenny Knox Putters

Choose the putter that fits your stroke

With design help from PGA TOUR putting record holder, Kenny Knox, U.S. Kids Golf is proud to offer its finest putters. The line features 100% carbon steel milled heads, Lighthouse and Palmetto, each with three possible hosel configurations to match the player's stroke.

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Step 1: Select the putter head style best for you


Toe and heel-weighted classic design.


Large mallet design with longer site line.


Step 2: Determine your putting arc

Putter shown above is the Lighthouse head, option 2

Step 3: Select the configuration option based on your putting arc.

Option 1 – Slight Arc.

Double bend shaft with no hosel.

Option 2 – Moderate Arc.

Straight shaft with long neck hosel.
Moderate Toe Hang

Option 3 – Strong Arc.

Straight shaft with a short neck hosel.
Strong Toe Hang


Step 4: Choose your grip color.

Step 5: Based on your height, select the putter length.

See chart below to find your recommended Tour Series size:

Putter Length Tour Series Size
26" Tour Series 51"
27.5" Tour Series 54"
29" Tour Series 57"
30.5" Tour Series 60"
32" Tour Series 63"
33" Tour Series 66"

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Tech Specs

Feature Description
Head Material 100% CNC Milled Mild Carbon Steel
Loft Micro-milled face for true roll
Headweight with Hosels Approximately 365g depending on selected hosel
Hosel Types Plumber's Neck, S-Neck, or Short Post
FInished Length Custom fit from 26" to 33"
Lie 71 degrees standard (can be bent if needed)