The same technology that we developed to fit young players into the perfect clubs is now available for ladies. Ladylight is designed to help women develop their swing speed and hit the ball farther, higher, and straighter. Ladylight clubheads are 10% lighter than other women’s clubheads with a proprietary graphite shaft that makes the swinging the club easier.

How Will Ladylight Help Your Game?
  • Player Enjoyment: Most women's clubs are too heavy and too long. The Ladylight system is scaled and designed to be lighter and more flexible. This makes the game more enjoyable and leads to early success.

  • Quality: Features a beta-forged titanium driver; a 17-4 stainless fairway wood and hybrid; 431 stainless steel irons; a satin-finished milled-face sand wedge; and a classic-style putter. Our graphite shafts are uniquely designed for Ladylight clubs and are frequency matched and spined for greater consistency.

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Ladylight Technology:
AV1 Driver

The Beta Forged Titanium Driver has the U.S.G.A. maximum allowable C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) to provide maximum distance on each drive.

Fairway Wood/Hybrid

By repositioning C.O.G. (center of gravity), we've increased forgiveness and maximized launch and ball speed.


Perimeter weighted heads with a lower C.O.G. provide increased forgiveness and maximize launch.

Sand Wedge

The milled grooves of the spin wedge system have the USGA maximum allowable groove limits. The system includes three unique lofts, bounces, and grinds for tremendous versatility on both sand and turf surfaces.


This classic-style putter features a polymer insert for better feel and an offset shaft for better alignment.

Purchase Options

Ladylight offers multiple set configurations and bag options to fit various needs.


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