Tour Series: A Complete System

For the Intermediate to Advanced Player

When we say Tour Series is a COMPLETE SYSTEM, we mean that every club in each set is created using the highest quality materials, and feature consistent swing weights, shaft frequencies, grip sizes, lofts, and lie angles that work TOGETHER within each set. Furthermore, as a player grows in both height and ability, their clubs should match their needs, building on their progression rather than requiring them to create new swing patterns and constantly adjust to new club weights. The Tour Series system means that a player’s development can be consistent and sustainable throughout their junior golf years. Playing your best now, while building a solid foundation for a player’s future in the game is fundamental to having full and complete trust in your clubs. That’s the Tour Series promise. The chart below can serve as a guide to when your player is ready for Tour Series. We recommend that once a player’s driver swing speed reaches 90+ mph, they are ready for adult golf equipment.

Driver Swing Speed Recommendations
Size Ultralight Tour Series Custom Adult
Not Available 75-90mph Over 90mph
Up to 75mph 75-90mph Over 90mph
Up to 70mph Over 70mph NA
Up to 65mph Over 65mph NA
Up to 60mph Over 60mph NA
Up to 55mph Over 55mph NA