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When it comes to golf balls, slower swing speeds don't meet the compression requirements of most golf balls on the market. DVS golf balls have been independently tested to show they launch higher, go farther, and go straighter than leading brands for the swing speeds of developing players.

Compliant under USGA rules for competition, DVS balls have been rigorously tested for durability, stability, and performance. This ball will help any player with a swing speed under 80 mph gain distance and control, adding enjoyment and confidence in their game.

DVS technology

  • Distance: Improved soft core design optimizes launch angles and spin rates for maximum distance.

  • Velocity: Re-engineered core and cover construction allows for even faster ball velocity.

  • Spin: Soft cover design provides more spin control into and around the green.

Optimal Performance Combination

Swing Speed Under 80 m.p.h.
Distance Long
Feel Extra Soft
Trajectory High Launch Angle
Accuracy Least Side Spin
Roundness Perfectly Balanced
Compression 50
Construction 2-Piece
Color Yellow or White
Packaging 6-ball

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